Client Comments

"As a computer and network engineer for a large ISP in CA, I am frequently asked by many of my clients if I could design or help them design a website, and on occasion, I have used my basic skills to assist them. However, I was instantly reminded how basic my skills are when I was fortunate enough to meet Shirley Marshall and ask her to create a website for our band - a site that has gotten rave reiviews from my clientele, co-workers, friends and family.

Many people claim to be a web designer and may possess the skills and understand the technology, but few know how to interpret that into a work of art and beauty as Shirley does. She has managed to take a mixed bowl of ideas and interests and whipped them up into the "prize winning wedding cake" of websites - and all this without us ever being very specific about design, shape, or placement. Shirley was not only able to create our site from just a few suggestions of color and interests, but also created and built the site in a mere two days, without errors, and even provided us with a link to view it in its first draft form from her own personal website. We were all instantly amazed and gratified. She even created a logo for our band that graces the website and is used on many of our invites and flyers for upcoming gigs.

We knew having a website would play an important role in reaching our fans on a broader scale, and feel very fortunate and proud to direct our fans, friends and family to a site that was so gracefully created in the eyes of a true web designer. Others should be so lucky.

Shirley is professional, efficient and guarantees her work, something the majority of web designers lack, and none are so pleasant and fun to work with.

If you are looking for complete confidence and professionalism in web design, Shirley Marshall of Perfect Sites Web Design is the last stop in satisfaction.

Thank you Shirley for everything - FullSleeves loves you ..."

Fred Deubert
Drummer for FullSleeves
DSL Account Manager

Fred Deubert - FullSleeves

"You go girl! Do you realize how much I really love these web sites you have created for me? In your copywriting, you have included things I never would have thought of to sell my ideas. I just gave you the basic thought and you have created these sites as though you had the idea to start with, not I, yet my personality is reflected in each of the pages. It is like you didn't just create a web site for me, you created MY web site with me IN it! Thank you so much. I must tell everyone about you!! Did I mention ... You are a genius!"

Jessica Burgess, Owner
Elegant Images in Plants and Haulin' by Taz

Regarding the LCDSM site: "I don't know how to put into words how great <my index page> looks. It is perfect, you are everything you say you are and more

It is clean, neat, soft, easy to understand and get around. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I hope you get the feeling I am pleased!

I finally found the BEST in the business and she is working for me. What a joy finally!"

Regarding the MoPro Biz Opps site: "It again is better than I thought it could be - you are the best ever. Go, Go - I could not be happier!"

William Goedike, Owner
Low Cost Discount Shopping Mall and
MO$T Profitable Business Opportunities

'The site looks great. I think one thing that is really good is it is so easy to follow and go from page to page, unlike sooo many sites I've seen.'

Luke Barker - Artwork by Luke Barker

"The profile looks really great. You have a wonderful way of taking data and putting it into clear, concise information. This is a trait I've never found with any other web designer with whom I have worked - a real complement to the kind of work you do and time-saving for your customer. You can use this reference anywhere on your website and my name."

Patricia Johnson, Owner
Really Care Management


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