I created everything on this page, including the background
and all animated graphics, for a client requesting free graphics for her site.
Since these graphics are for a personal, fun site the load times
are a quite a bit longer than is acceptable on a business site.
Animated graphics generally have a very large file size
and should therefore be used sparingly on a business site.

She had written to me asking for animated graphics of cats that had fairie wings,
and below are the results. I started with actual photos of her real life cats
and attached wings made from tubes that I enhanced and animated
to give the illusion of a 'faecat'.
I also did some repair work on the cat pictures she sent me,
because the second cat's eyes (the solid gray one) had 'flash syndrome'
so I pasted in eyes from another photo in which you could see his eyes clearly.
I have displayed the images in a couple of different sizes
so you can more clearly see the detailed work.

Then I designed this custom background and the animated divider bars
per her specifications for the various pages on her site.