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Do you have a personal, non-profit* website?
Would you like me to design some custom graphics exclusively
for you and your site?

Rather than making dozens of generic graphics in the hopes that they will fit someone's needs, I offer this service instead. Just fill in the form below and I'll create your graphics for you. I can use your photos or images or create something original.

After receiving your request, I will visit your website and help you determine your best options. I can create some custom graphics, a banner for you to exchange with others, make backgrounds or even make complete background sets (which would include a background, your navigation buttons, bars, a title/welcome graphic, and an optional exchange banner).

And if you need complete web design services, please click here:
Effective Websites for Less Money in About 2 Weeks!

So, just fill in the form below and send it to me, and I will respond to you as soon as I can to discuss what you might need.

* I used to have time to do free work for non-profit organizations, but my business has grown tremendously in the last few years and my workload is so heavy now that I can barely keep up!! So while I still try to help out people with personal sites with a special graphic here and there, I can no longer offer completely free graphics to non-profit organizations. What I will do, tho, is offer you a 50% discount on my regular fees for any of my services - from making a graphic to designing a complete website for you! Thank you for your understanding!

Your Name

E-Mail Address

Do you currently have a web presence online?
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URL of Your Site

Type of Website?

Did you want a graphic with animation or other motion?
Yes No

Your Favorite/Club Colors?

Your Favorite Animals, Icons, Designs?

Which of these items did you have in mind?
(Please only ONE per request)

Please use the box below to include comments, and
any other options or special features you had in mind ...

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