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I have done proofreading professionally for a graphics design company and on many individual freelance projects. The English language is my passion, and I maintained a 4.0 grade average in my English language courses all through school. This ensures that I am very well-versed in the skills of spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, grammar and syntax, which proves invaluable when designing sites, as well as providing strong support for copywriting and proofreading. Having an excellent command of the English language guarantees my clients a truly word-perfect project.

I am so fully committed to that goal that I will offer a 10% discount
on my total fee, if you find even ONE error in your finished project!

I have also studied Interior Design, which has provided me with a sharpened sense of color and textures. This is especially useful in my webdesigning, enabling me to choose client friendly colors and lend an attractive visual presence to your site.

I was also a professional personal organizer, laying the foundation for my strong sense of balance and ability to prioritize your site for maximum effectiveness.

I have worked extensively with graphics, creating custom designs and made to order original graphics for personal and non-profit sites, and enjoy dedicating myself to a project until it meets my high standards.

When designing sites, I hand-code all HTML, and never use a WYSIWYG editor, to eliminate the 'template' or 'cookie-cutter' look and ensure that your site will be unique and designed specifically for you and your business, not just another site quickly cloned from a template that thousands of others are already using on the Internet.

I am a perfectionist by nature which carries over into my work policies 100%. I truly love my profession and sincerely enjoy doing this kind of work, which I think is one of the best recommendations I could give you. It ensures you that I am willing to make the effort to create exactly what you want and guarantees you that your site will indeed be completely error-free. I am proud of the work I do and the only way for me to truly be successful is to create the kind of quality sites that my clients will profit from and be proud of also.

It is also of utmost importance to me that I create your site in a time effective manner. I work quickly and efficiently to ensure that your site will launch expeditiously, usually within 3-5 days for a standard 3-8 page site.

I look forward to working with you to implement your ideas into the creation of your Perfect Site.

In other words, Perfect Sites Web Design offers you
Effective Websites for Less Money in About 2 Weeks!

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