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EFFECTIVE because my web designs include strong attention to details such as: unique original graphics and layouts custom made for your site; easy to use navigation options; optimal load times; clear, concise error-free text; search engine optimization; interactive forms and features; and marketing and maintenance plans to provide you with ongoing care - that combined together will result in a professional, successful web presence for your home business!

LESS MONEY because Perfect Sites Web Design is a home-based business, too - eliminating the high costs associated with maintaining and staffing a store-front business. Pricing for some options starting as low as $100 USD. Pricing for a standard four to eight page site starts at $500 - includes all original graphics and layout, JavaScript navigation system, wordsmithing and proofreading, unlimited images, interactive forms, plus much more!

2 WEEKS because Perfect Sites Web Design is not restricted by an eight hour work day. Your site design is my main focus until your website launches.

*High Quality + Low Prices + A Quick Launch = Your Best Value for Webdesign*

All major search engines state they prefer web sites with high-quality content. And in addition to improving your rankings, which brings your site more traffic, enhancing the quality of your site design will convert those visitors into SALES!

Creating a 'cookie-cutter' site that is lacking in aesthetics or valuable content can be detrimental to your home business. To be truly effective on the web, you need a professional presence to lend credibility to your home-based business. My award winning webdesigns are always unique to your company in every way. NO templates are used - ever!

'Many people claim to be a web designer and may possess the skills and understand the technology, but few know how to interpret that into a work of art and beauty as Shirley does ... Shirley was not only able to create our site from just a few suggestions of color and interests, but also created and built the site in a mere two days, without errors, and even provided us with a link to view it in its first draft form from her own personal website. We were all instantly amazed and gratified.'  More ...

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